Trans-ACTS & Communications is primarily a transcription service provider, serving Ontario, other Canadian provinces, and abroad for a fairly significant amount of time now.  Our services have expanded over the years and still continue to grow our clientele through word of mouth and direct referrals.

The company’s founder is a Medical Transcriptionist for more than 20 years and is still counting, who is always on top of its operations to better serve our valued customers.

The team consists of professionals with different medical and other related backgrounds, with a strong knowledge base on human anatomy and physiology, etc., which makes this company our every client’s best choice.

Our transcription process is handled in different stages, and each stage is carefully managed by our team from start to finish.

“We’ll get everything covered.”


"Your Success is Our Success."


  • Handles the team with appropriate guidance.
  • Monitors the workload and workflow.
  • Delegates accounts to team members.
  • Sets objectives and deadlines.
  • Communicates with the team about updates, etc.
  • Makes necessary decisions relative to the work.
  • Manages challenges and conflicts.
  • Provides feedback from clients and other resources.
  • Provides support to the team.


  • Receives pre-recorded voice files from the database.
  • Transcribes voice files to text format using Windows and platforms.
  • Reviews and edits documents before submission to the Medical Editor.
  • Maintains effectiveness of tools and equipment used for transcription.
  • Reports any discrepancy in the documentations provided.
  • Observes confidentiality of the raw materials or data from end to finish.
  • Checks for the accuracy and efficiency of transcribed reports.
  • Maintains a safe and conducive workplace environment.
  • Pursues continuing education as needed.


  • Reviews the transcribed documents by the medical transcriptionist.
  • Checks for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors in the manuscript.
  • Maintains accuracy in the content of the transcribed reports.
  • Trains colleagues to improve the transcription process.
  • Understands the editing requirements at various stages.
  • Meets quality expectations at all times in an efficient manner.
  • Observes logical and reasoning capabilities applicable to the job.
  • Ensures high-quality work to be delivered on time.
  • Implements and meets high-quality expectations.


  • Ensures to be a highly qualified and skilled Medical Editor.
  • Checks for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors in the manuscript.
  • Maintains accuracy in the content of the transcribed reports.
  • Observes appropriate guidelines to maintain high-quality work.
  • Edits documents as the final stage to ensure high accuracy of the reports.
  • Collaborates with the Medical Editor about other specific tasks.
  • Implements and meets high-quality expectations.
  • Provides other updates to colleagues relative to the work.
  • Manages the overall stages of the transcription process.
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